Bank Formation: a strategic option for industrial enterprises

The developments in the financial market encouraged many companies in their assessment to stronger decouple their core business from the stability of the banking sector. Thus, companies within the scope of a sharpened awareness to risk are in search of a safer and simultaneously profitable investment opportunity.

Due to credit constraints other companies feel compelled to put a stronger emphasis on new and more stable forms of refunding. In the battle for market shares, attractive financing instruments for sales promotion become more and more important. This requires strong financial partners. However, many banks drop out as a partner of choice because of their current weakness. Therefore, establishing an own bank is currently a strategic option for many industrial companies.

How industrial and trading companies are able to realize strategic advantages through bank formation, is summarized by PwC in the following brochure (German language):

PwC_Bankgründung_für_Unternehmen_aus_Industrie_und_Handel herunterladen

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