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    No extended trade tax deduction on the disposal of an interest in a real estate partnership

    Profits arising from the sale of an interest in a partnership are not to be included in the extended trade tax deduction for real estate enterprises.

    According to Section 9 no. 1 2nd Sentence of the Trade Tax Act (TTA), in place of the deduction under Section 9 No. 1 1st Sentence TTA (lump sum deduction of 1.2% of the assessed value of the real estate), enterprises, which exclusively manage and use their own real estate, may make an application to make an (extended) deduction relating to the part of the trading income which relates to the management and use of their own real estate.

    Interest paid by foreign partner deductible also in case of two-tier partnership

    In a decision published in March 2017 the Supreme Tax Court held that – in the case of a two-tier partnership structure – the interest expense of the Dutch partner holding only an indirect share in a German limited partnership is nevertheless tax deductible when computing his limited German tax liability resulting from his investment in the German partnership.

    Foreign limited partnership does not shield non-trading income from German taxation

    The Supreme Tax Court has held that rental income earned through a Hungarian partnership is not automatically exempt as the income from a foreign permanent establishment, merely because the partnership was taxed locally as a corporation, or because the income would have been treated as trading income had it been earned through a German partnership.