Monatliche Archive: Januar, 2019

IFRS 17 postponement: keep your key people on board

The one-year postponement admittedly gives insurers more time for the implementation of IFRS 17. Yet, prolongations also entail project risks. The acid test will be how to keep people motivated and how to keep their additional workload associated with IFRS 17 manageable, without losing momentum. These issues must be addressed proactively. Please also check out our White Paper, being published tomorrow, January 15. More time – more trouble IFRS 17, the new insurance contracts standard, was […]

IFRS 17: Time for a new coat of paint for old actuarial models

Actuarial systems are a cornerstone of the IFRS 9/17 initiative as they produce much of the P&L and disclosures. PwC’s comprehensive white paper «IFRS 9/17 in turbulent times» – to be published on Tuesday January 15, 2019 – analyses how you can ensure that your actuarial systems are accurate, cost-efficient and well connected to other financial systems. Smart compliance in turbulent times The one-year postponement of the IFRS 9/17 deadline is giving insurers additional time for the […]

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