Amendment of the Building Society Act (Bausparkassengesetz) introduces new refinancing possibilities for Building Societies

The amendment of certain fundamental legal foundations for the supervision of Building Societies as e.g. amendments of the German Banking Act required modifications of the Building Society Act. Furthermore, the business environment for the Building Societies’ business has changed: a low interest level in the capital market is accompanied by a strong demand for residential property financing.

The amendment of the Building Society Act was published in the federal gazette on 28 December 2015 and entered into force the day after. Inter alia, it introduced the possibility for Building Societies to issue mortgage backed bonds (Hypothekenpfandbriefe) to allow a competitive refinancing. For this purpose, Building Societies in principle need a licence according to the Pfandbrief Act. They need a higher amount of core capital as the amount required by the Building Society Act (minimum 25 million EUR) and have to fulfil the additional risk management requirements according to the Pfandbrief Act. The fulfilment of these conditions has to be stated in the licence application.

Please find here the link to the Second Act amending the Building Society Act.

Please find here more details to the amendment of the Building Society Act, e.g. with respect to the new risk management provisions.



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