New 5th edition of Banking Business in Germany is due for 2016

As time goes by …

Although it seems to me as if the 4th edition of Banking Business in Germany was finalised only yesterday: The regulatory pace is still high and changes the framework of the financial services market day by day. So the authors from Association of Foreign Banks in Germany (Verband der Auslandsbanken in Deutschland e.V.) and PwC will convene once more over the next months in order to implement the latest developments into a new 5th edition of this practical guide for foreign banks establishing a subsidiary or a branch in Germany.

So I would like to encourage you to send in the comments below your feedback on the current 4th edition as well as your suggestion for anything we should take into consideration when we start to make up our minds on the content for the new 5th edition of Banking Business in Germany.

The new 5th edition is due for 2016.

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