Licensing procedure: management has to commit sufficient time

In the future, in the course of the banking licensing procedure according to KWG (German Banking Act) it has to be proven  that the prospective managers of the institution are able to commit sufficient time to perform their functions. The license application has to include information according to which BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) can assess whether the managers are able to commit sufficient time to perform their functions. Especially the number of further directorships of the manager has to be given, as well as the expenditure of time which has to be donated to them. This has to be set into proportion to the time required for his management function in the new established institution.

Should BaFin come to the conlusion that a manager is not able to commit sufficient time to perform its function, it has to deny the license.

This requirement along with further provisions regarding the obligations and responsibilities of managers and members of the superisory board of an institution will be incorporated into the KWG within the context of the CRD IV (Directive 2013/36/EU) implementation into German law.

It is expected that EBA will publish guidelines on the notion of “sufficient time commitment” (in addition to its guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders).

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