Trends for the Formation of Development Banks Abroad – Part 1

We observe plans and concepts that are associated with start-up activities of development banks abroad.

Thereby, the fundamental goal is to promote industrial development and boost economic growth in order to stabilize the country in the long-run but also to act sustainably.

There are different programs depending on the level of development and needs of the country. Thus, the arrangement of these programs may vary from country to country.  In order to support developing countries there are often cross-regional development banks focusing on the promotion of a particular region. By using funds the development bank aims at fulfilling the basic needs in the respective regions and then subsequently achieve an effective use of own resources in order to ultimately become more competitive in terms of global trade.

Nevertheless, those cross-regional development banks only have limited means and can often foster primarily bigger projects which fulfill certain prerequisites.  Hence, this way cannot be seen as comprehensive development policy yet.

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