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Banking business in Germany – Neuauflage in Vorbereitung

Vier Jahre sind seit der letzten Auflage der englischsprachigen Publikation "Banking business in Germany" vergangen. Die weitreichenden Veränderungen der Branche im Rahmen der zwischenzeitlichen Finanzkrise und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Bankgründung sowie den laufenden Betrieb von Banken in Deutschland sollen nun in bewährter Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Verband der Auslandsbanken in Deutschland e.V. und PwC in einer Neuauflage gewürdigt werden.

As time goes by …

Time is relative. But from a regulatory perspective the last four years since 2007 brought close to epochal changes. In nearly all areas of the financial industry the measures taken to scope with the financial crisis led to fundamental amendments and new regulations which already transformed the industry sustainably and will further do so in future.

What you can look forward to

Insofar it was high time to start a new edition of the English publication "Banking business in Germany", which was published last time 2007 as 2nd edition. The work offers its readers a detailed and comprehensive overview of Germany in general and its financial industry in particular, including the possible legal forms of an organisation in Germany, the relevant supervisory authorities and supervisory framework, and German tax law and labour relations. The book can be used as a helpful guide to the establishment of banks, branches or representative offices in Germany.

Time line

Also the new edition will be developed in close cooperation between the Association of Foreign Banks in Germany (Verband der Auslandsbanken in Deutschland e.V.) and PwC. It is scheduled for January 2012.

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