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Poland is fighting fraud through new law regulations

Polish government is exacerbating the fight against the gray economy. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Development has joined forces to prepare a new set of regulations aimed at further sealing a tax law in Poland. Ongoing legislation process is focused on requirements related to transport of sensitive goods such as fuel. Government Bodies want to introduce a new Act on registration and monitoring of road transport in Poland. The Act will specify a catalog of sensitive goods, which transport across the country will be controlled.

Under the new rules a monitoring system consisting of a Customs Service register of transported goods and dedicated mobile communications system will be introduced.

The carrier of the goods will have to register on the customs electronic platform. He will also receive a GPS device that will allow tax officials to keep track of the goods route. The route will not only be monitored, but also saved.

Prepared regulations besides carriers control introduce severe sanctions in case of any irregularities in the carriage of goods – for example, penalty amount of 46 percent of net value of transported goods.

The proposed Act focused on transport is another solution by which Polish government wants to fight the gray economy mainly in the fuel market. The first was entered into force on 1 August 2016 so called fuel package.

Solutions that are to come into force in Poland were already successfully introduced in Hungary and Portugal.

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