Yearly archives: 2020

ESMA Templates and Securitization Repository RTS Enter into Force

On September 3, 2020, the remaining regulatory technical standards (RTS) of the Securitization Regulation completed their scrutiny period and were confirmed and published by the European Parliament in the Official Journal[1]. This legislative act comes one year and nine months after the Securitization Regulation formally entered into force and thus formalistically completes the transition from the current regulatory regime into the new one. The approved RTS will enter into force on September 23, 2020 and […]

Financial Services Post-Brexit: The Age of Equivalence

With Brexit carried out on 31st January, 2020, the clock for the negotiations on the future of the economic relationship between the UK and the EU started ticking aloud. Before bilateral, structured meetings formally kicked off on 2nd March 2020, both sides had already started indirect communication by formulating a Blueprint (PM Johnson) and a negotiation mandate (of the European council for Commissioner Barnier) aiming at setting the scene for later direct talks. Both sides […]

PwC Live-Webcast: Responding to the impacts of COVID-19

The current CoViD-19 situation is evolving dynamically. While the immediate focus is on making sure that as many people can be treated medically in appropriate and life saving ways, business matters come to the fore due to more and more constraints and interrupted supply chains and subsequent impact on financial institutions’ business models. How are businesses coping with the situation globally? Which conclusions can be drawn so far? What should businesses look at to react […]

Integration von FinTechs in das Risikomanagement von Banken

Der digitale Wandel trifft den Finanzsektor derzeit stark. Bankkunden verlangen mehr und mehr digitale Dienstleistungen von „ihrer“ Hausbank. Banken mĂĽssen somit neue digitale Dienstleistungen fĂĽr ihre Kunden entwickeln und gleichzeitig ihre veraltete IT und Prozesse modernisieren. In diese „LĂĽcke“ sind nun die FinTechs getreten und rauben den etablierten Banken nach und nach Marktanteile. Banken sind somit gezwungen, schnellstmöglich digital „nachzurĂĽsten“ – sowohl bei ihrem digitalen Kundenangebot als auch bei den eigenen Prozessen. Zusätzlich bieten sich […]

ESMA Opens Consultation Period on Data Completeness Thresholds and their Calibration

On Friday January 17, ESMA opened a period on assessment of data completeness of Securitization Disclosure. The consultation paper can also be accessed on ESMA’s web site. Each party reporting data under Article 7 of the Securitization Regulation may use different No Data option for fields it cannot populate (each option disclosing the reason for its use, e.g. ND1 meaning that required information has not been collected because it was not required by the lending […]

The Securitization Market: 2019 recap and 2020 expectations

Dear readers, The first year of our blogging activities concerning Securitization and Structured Finance Issues is over. We have received quite some feedback from you and would like to thank you accordingly. Knowing that our topics are of interest to the Securitization community is key for us and guides us to compile not only informative but also relevant posts. Therefore, our first post of 2020 will provide you with a short recap of what happened […]

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