Israel publishes CRS Regulation along with a List of Participating and Reportable Jurisdictions

On 6 February 2019, Ministry of Finance in Israel published the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) Regulation. The regulation was approved on 1 January 2019, by the Parliament’s Finance Committee of Israel (Link-Blog). The newly published Regulation can be found on the website of the Israel Finance Ministry (Link-Hebrew).

Furthermore, on the very same day, the Israel Tax Authority issued the List of Reportable Jurisdictions, including 53 countries, with regards to the 2017 reporting year and the List of Reportable Jurisdictions with regards to 2018, including 70 countries. They also published List of Participating Jurisdictions containing 96 countries (Link-Hebrew).

The CRS reporting deadline in Israel for 2019 with regard to 2017 reports is set for 23 June 2019. Reports for 2018 reportable accounts are due on 8 September 2019.

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