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Tax & Legal

Bundestag approve Finance Act 2019

On 7 November 2019, the Bundestag approved the Act on the Further Tax Promotion of Electric Mobility and the Amendment of Further Tax Regulations (Finance Act 2019 – “FA19”) in the version recommended by the Finance Committee of the Bundestag. In its recommendation, the Finance Committee included a number of the Bundesrat’s regulatory proposals. Continue reading

UPDATE: Land Tax Reform published in Federal Gazette on 2 December 2019

The coalition factions’ bill on the reform of the land taxes and valuation laws (Land Tax Reform Act), which was passed by the Bundestag on 18 October 2019  and approved by the Bundesrat on 8 November 2019 was published in the Federal Gazette on 2 December 2019 as the Act on the Reform of the Land Taxes and Valuation Laws

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Finance Bill 2019 gets green light from Federal Cabinet

On 31 July, the Federal Cabinet adopted a draft Finance Bill 2019 referred to as the “Act on the Further Tax Promotion of Electric Mobility and on the Amendment of Further Tax Regulations”. As its name suggests the bill focuses on tax incentives for electro-mobility but includes legislation in numerous other areas of tax law. Continue reading

R&D Subsidy Bill

The government draft bill, published on 22 May 2019, provides for the introduction of a subsidy for research and development (R&D). The subsidy – up to a maximum amount of €500,000 – should be available to all taxpaying businesses regardless size, profitability or purpose. The aim is to make Germany more attractive for investment generally and in particular for start-ups. The promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises is a particular focus but the desire remains to promote larger enterprises also. The planned law is to be re-evaluated five years after its entry into force to examine whether its aims, in particular its contribution to the promotion of Germany as a centre of innovation, are met. Continue reading

Draft bill – Brexit Ancillary Regulations

On 13 December 2018 the Federal Ministry of Finance published a draft bill for the enactment of tax and other regulations for Brexit (“Brexit Bill”)designed to alleviate certain legal consequences arising by reason of Brexit alone.
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Finance Act 2018

On 8 November 2018, the Finance Bill 2018 was adopted by the German parliament and received the consent of the Bundesrat on 23 November 2018 in the form of “The Act for the Avoidance of VAT Losses on the Trading of Goods on the Internet and Amendments to other Tax Regulations”(hereafter “Finance Act 2018”). This article sets out a selection of the new regulations. Continue reading