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Distributions from Luxembourg investment company (SICAV) exempt from German income tax

Corporations with at least a 25% share in a Société d’investissement à capital variable (SICAV), a Luxembourg investment company, do not have to pay income tax in Germany on the dividends received from the SICAV in 2010. This also applies if the Luxembourg tax authorities – for whatever reason – did not exercise their right of taxation at source and the distributions hence remained untaxed. Continue reading

Sale of property after gratuitous transfer to children no abuse

If the taxpayer has arranged for the sale of a property to a third party, there is generally no abuse of tax law (abuse of legal forms) if the property was initially transferred to the children free of charge and subsequently sold by the children to the ultimate buyer. According to the decision of the Supreme Tax Court the capital gain is subject to income tax in the hands of the children based on their individual income tax situation. Continue reading

Statutory interest rate levied on late payment or refund of taxes unconstitutional

In a decision on two joint cases published today the Constitutional Court decided that interest incurred on late payment of taxes (back taxes) and the interest paid for tax refunds pursuant to Sections 233a and 238(1) sentence 1 of the German Fiscal Code is not in line with the German Constitution insofar as the interest rate is set at 0.5% per month and for interest periods from 1 January 2014. Continue reading





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Credit of Canadian withholding tax on dividends also for trade tax?

The Regional Tax Court of Hesse held that withholding tax levied in Canada on dividends distributed by a Canadian corporation to a German corporation should be credited against German trade tax. The tax authorities have in the meantime launched an appeal against this judgment and the case is now pending before the Supreme Tax Court for final clarification. Continue reading

Update: OECD reaches agreement on international tax reform

On 1 July 2021, the OECD reached broad agreement on key points for a fair taxation: 130 countries and jurisdictions have joined a new two-pillar plan to reform international taxation rules and ensure that multinational enterprises pay a fair share of tax wherever they operate. Continue reading

Loss on exchange of profit participation rights can be offset against investment income

The Regional Tax Court of Muenster held that a loss from the exchange of profit participation rights for shares in a registered cooperative (“eG”) and bonds may be set off against income from capital investments. Thus, the tax office’s attempt to regard the loss as belonging to the non-taxable private asset portfolio of the plaintiff failed. Continue reading