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Tax & Legal

Sale of property after gratuitous transfer to children no abuse

If the taxpayer has arranged for the sale of a property to a third party, there is generally no abuse of tax law (abuse of legal forms) if the property was initially transferred to the children free of charge and subsequently sold by the children to the ultimate buyer. According to the decision of the Supreme Tax Court the capital gain is subject to income tax in the hands of the children based on their individual income tax situation. Continue reading

Immediate taxation on transfer of a foreign branch is not proportional

In a decision published on 23 November 2017 the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) again considered the question on the taxation of the transfer of assets of a foreign branch in exchange for new shares. The question was referred to it by the Administrative Court of Helsinki in Finland. The ECJ held that the taxpayer must be given the choice between an immediate charge to tax and a deferred payment of tax. Continue reading