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Tax & Legal

Trade tax deduction for shipping in international waters independent of term of operation

The Supreme Tax Court has held the 80% deduction from income chargeable to trade tax from shipping operations in international waters to be available regardless of a short or long term intention to continue the operation. If, however, the ship had already been sold prior to commissioning, the capital gain is not derived from an international operation and is chargeable to trade tax in full. Continue reading

No tonnage tax for short-term operations

The Supreme Tax Court has held that an option to tax international shipping operations on the basis of the net registered tonnage operated depends on the intention to operate for at least a year after putting the ship into service (commissioning). A gain on the sale of a ship prior to commissioning is not an ancillary transaction to the tonnage tax operations of her replacement, even if the sale proceeds are used to finance the new vessel. Continue reading