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Tax & Legal

Credit of Canadian withholding tax on dividends also for trade tax?

The Regional Tax Court of Hesse held that withholding tax levied in Canada on dividends distributed by a Canadian corporation to a German corporation should be credited against German trade tax. The tax authorities have in the meantime launched an appeal against this judgment and the case is now pending before the Supreme Tax Court for final clarification. Continue reading

Restrictions to the “tainting effect” of trading partnership income for trade tax purposes

For income tax purposes, income of a partnership from leasing and letting or from capital assets is to be reclassified as trading income where the partnership also receives a negligible amount of income from a participation in a trading partnership; however, such “tainted” income is not subject to trade tax. This was decided by the Supreme Tax Court in its ruling of 6 June 2019, published on 1 August 2019. Continue reading

Constitutional complaint regarding the trade tax treatment of gains from the disposal of partnership interests unsuccessful

In a decision on 10 April 2018, the German Constitutional Court concluded that the complaint that the trade tax treatment of gains from the disposal of partnership interests was unconstitutional because it contravened the principle of equality was not justified. Continue reading

Referral to Federal Constitutional Court: trade tax on the profits arising on the disposal of an interest in a partnership by persons other than individuals.

The First Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of a provision in the Trade Tax Act, according to which trade tax was levied on the sale of business interests. The case has opened up a question of principle with regard to trade tax. Continue reading

No trade tax loss carry-forward with merger of two-tier partnership

In its decision of 12 May 2016 the Supreme Tax Court held that -in the case of a two-tier partnership structure- the trade tax loss carry-forward of the lower-tier partnership is fully eliminated, if the upper-tier partnership, which holds a 100% -interest in the income and assets of the lower-tier partnership, is merged down-stream and thus ceases to exist. Referring to previous case law, the Court’s reasoning was that the upper-tier partnership, as co-entrepreneur of the lower-tier partnership, was also the holder of the partnership’s trade tax loss-relief.       Continue reading