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Tax & Legal

European Court of Justice: customs values and the recognition of transfer pricing adjustments

In its decision in Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland (C-529/16) the European Court of Justice (ECJ) held that Articles 28 to 31 of the Customs Code (old version) must be interpreted as meaning that they do not permit an agreed transaction value, composed of an amount initially invoiced and declared and a flat-rate adjustment made after the end of the accounting period, to form the basis for the customs value, without it being possible to know at the end of the accounting period whether that adjustment would be made up or down. Continue reading

No forgiveness of interest in view of compensating adjustment for different taxpayer

The Supreme Tax Court has held that a taxpayer cannot claim forgiveness of the interest due on the tax payment following a transfer pricing adjustment on the grounds that an associated company had no claim for interest receivable on the corresponding adjustment in its home country. Continue reading