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Revocation of a waiver to a VAT exemption on real estate transactions

The waiver of a tax exemption under Section 4 No. 9a) VATA can be revoked as long as the tax assessment for the year in which the service was rendered is still open or can still be changed under Section 164 General Tax Code. Section 9 (3) Sentence 2 VATA in the version of the 2004 Act to Accompany the Budget does not regulate the revocation.

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The transfer of inventory existing in Italy as part of a transfer of going concern carried out abroad is an autonomous supply of goods for VAT purposes

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With the reply to ruling no. 637, dated 30 September 2021, the Italian tax authorities provided clarifications on the correct treatment applicable for VAT and registration tax purposes to the transfer of inventory existing in Italy included in a wider transfer of going concern carried out abroad. Continue reading

Ministry of Finance: comments on amended requirements for intra-community supplies

The German Federal Ministry of Finance has commented on the changed requirements for intra-community supplies resulting from the Act on Further Tax Incentives for Electromobility and on the Amendment of other Tax Regulations – Finance Act 2019: “FA 2019” – amending the VAT Act Application Ordinance accordingly. Continue reading

Covid-19 Italy: VAT – Measures to support the capitalisation of enterprises and tax measures

Prepared by Luca Lavazza

On 19 May 2020 the Law Decree no. 34 has been published in the Official Gazette (“Rilancio Decree“). The new emergency decree is in line with the previous Cura Italia and Liquidità Decrees, introducing inter alia measures to support the liquidity the capitalization of enterprises, incentives and tax credits as well as measures in the context of indirect taxation, tax assessment and tax litigation. Continue reading

Entrepreneurial status of members of the Supervisory Board

Where a member of a supervisory board receives a non-variable fixed salary for his services and as a result does not bear any risks vis-à-vis his remuneration, he is not acting as an entrepreneur. This was decided by the Supreme Tax Court in its ruling of November 27, 2019 – (V R 23/19 / R 62/17), thereby abandoning earlier case law. Continue reading

Finance Act 2018

On 8 November 2018, the Finance Bill 2018 was adopted by the German parliament and received the consent of the Bundesrat on 23 November 2018 in the form of “The Act for the Avoidance of VAT Losses on the Trading of Goods on the Internet and Amendments to other Tax Regulations”(hereafter “Finance Act 2018”). This article sets out a selection of the new regulations. Continue reading