Take Europe to Hearts – Creating a Communications Campaign for the EU

In March the Next Media Accelerator, the European Commission, Spiegel Online, PwC Germany and additional partners brought the hackathon “Take Europe to the Hearts” to Hamburg’s Betahaus. For three days, over 60 young people from 12 countries were asked to develop a communications campaign that highlights the many benefits the European Union (EU) and the European Community offers its citizens.








Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni


Citizens of EU countries are enjoying many advantages as national borders are disappearing and regulations are being harmonized. For many the EU stands for freedom, fairness and tolerance. But some people feel alienated and don’t see the value anymore of a large, united EU.

With the hackathon “Take Europe to the Hearst” we would like to remind citizens of the advantages and freedoms we enjoy and advertise these through a communications campaign across Europe.

Through creativity, hard work and with many late-night-pizzas eleven teams developed passionate campaigns that engage people across Europe to exchange thoughts and ideas, share stories and learn about the EU in a fun and inspiring way.








PwC Public Sector Leader Alfred Höhn addressed the audience at the hackathon and highlighted the importance of staying engaged for the EU.









Here are the three winning ideas to take Europe to the hearts:

BEST OVERALL: LookAtEU (1.000 Euros)

+Invitation to visit European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.








Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni


“Like Pokémon Go for discovering EU buildings”. LookAtEU engages people through gamification with a “locally funded map” showing the local projects funded by the European Union around neighborhoods.

MOST CREATIVE: Europe Guy (500 Euros)








Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni


A Superhero who personifies Europe as an anonymous character. His goal is to remind citizens about the benefits of belonging to Europe. How? Through creative and funny content with a message

MOST EFFECTIVE: I am Europe (500 euros)








Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni


A platform to bring EU supporters together. Create your own personalized profile picture to raise your voice for Europe — and wonder what it would be like if the EU was not there.

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to following your campaign.



Alfred Höhn

Leiter Öffentlicher Sektor

Tel.: +49 30 2636-1270

Mail: alfred.hoehn@de.pwc.com


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