Covid-19 – IFRS Accounting Implications – Things to consider in Real Estate and Alternatives

The COVID-19 outbreak has developed rapidly in 2020, with a significant number of infections. Measures taken to contain the virus have affected economic activity, which in turn has implications for financial reporting of real estate funds, alternative investment funds and asset managers.

The implications are broad and may include the accounting for non-financial assets, financial instruments, lease agreements, revenue recognition and last but not least the going concern premises.

The following publications – written with a general background – may help to assess the impact also for real estate and alternative funds and managers:



Even though the publication „In the Spotlight – A banking industry focus on IFRS 9 expected credit losses“ has been written with the banking industry in view, the issues raised nevertheless may also be applicable to real estate or alternative investment funds:

COVID 19 Top 5 IFRS Accounting Issues for Banks


To stay informed: What’s coming up – Breaking issues (including COVID-19)

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