Covid-19 – Implications for the real estate industry in Europe and worldwide

The study „Covid-19 – Implications for the real estate industry in Europe and worldwide“ was conducted online between 15th and 17th of March 2020. A total of 82 participants from different countries and various sectors of the real estate industry completed the flash survey.

The regional coverage of the participant group was as follows:

  • Central and Northern Europe 43%;
  • Eastern and Southern Europe 20%;
  • UK 17%;
  • Asia Pacific 11%
  • Other 9%.

There is a general assumption that the pandemic will have a negative impact on the real estate industry. A majority of 74% assumes negative effects while 24% are not sure about the consequences.

Respondents consider construction delays and delay of transactions to be the most likely effects for the real estate industry. On the opposite, a majority considers a geographical shift of investments or even a reduction in personnel to be unlikely.

How to get to the results: Covid-19 – Snapshot Survey_International

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