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Implications for ECB regulated banks currently engaged with their IRB Repair Programme

For many banks, the TRIM reports of the inspection ECB teams revealed many findings in the last two years. And the banks have received in return time to prepare their remediation plans. These plans usually have accommodated several remediation actions so that banks might be able to keep their IRB status going forward. The plans were in length discussed with the JST and in most cases were tied up to some deadlines; i.e. for several banks there were need for the redevelopment of the LGD models, where new components had to be incorporated. In most cases, banks were held to keep higher capital for their IRB portfolios under the remediation programme as their IRB risk parameters were not necessarily fully in compliance due to the TRIM findings, and expectedly this capital add-ons were only to be lifted once the full remediation took place. Such model redevelopments naturally require extensive new data collection, where the data should be tempered and aligned with the New Default Definition requirements. Such actions take significant time and require several internal sources in the bank work closely in coordination. Under the current circumstances as many bank risk resources will be working remotely from home and will not have the chance to meet frequently with their team members as during the normal times. Due to this it would be not possible for the bank to achieve a certain level of efficiency to be prepared to fulfill the tasks for the committed deadlines along the remediation plans that had been already agreed with the JSTs of the respective banks regulated directly with the ECB.

Willkommen zur PwC Inspiring Credit Risk Modelling Conference!

Unsere Inspiring Credit Risk Modelling Conference ĂĽber die Zukunft regulatorischer und betriebswirtschaftlich optimierter Modelle am 17. und 18. Februar 2020 in Frankfurt am Main – jetzt anmelden unter: www.pwc-events.com/credit-risk-modelling-conference!

Die Risikomodellierung beschäftigt die Banken bereits seit längerem und ist damit einer der Investitionsschwerpunkte der letzten Jahre. Durch veränderte regulatorische Anforderungen und neue aufsichtsrechtlichen Erwartungen stehen Banken vor der Herausforderung, ihre Modelle grundlegend und zeitnah zu überarbeiten, um den neuen Standards gerecht zu werden. Gleichzeitig erhöht sich der Kosten- und Wettbewerbsdruck innerhalb der Finanzbranche.

Wie wird Ihre Bank den Sturm veränderter Regularien und aufsichtsrechtlichen Vorgaben überstehen ? Wie gestalten Sie Ihre Modelle, um den neuen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden ? Wie nutzen Sie dabei neue Technologien ?

Welcome to the PwC Inspiring Credit Risk Modelling Conference!

PwC’s Inspiring Credit Risk Modelling Conference on the future of regulatory and business-driven models – now open for registration at www.pwc-events.com/credit-risk-modelling-conference!

The Inspiring Credit Risk Modelling Conference will be held in Frankfurt am Main on Monday February 17th and Tuesday February 18th 2020.

Risk modelling has been one of the main sources of concern for banks over the last few years – and, as such, one of the main focuses of investment. With the altered regulatory rules and new supervisory expectations, banks have to make urgent and fundamental changes to their models to meet the new standards. Meanwhile, the need to increase revenues and/or cut costs has become an ever more pressing issue.

  • How is your bank going to weather this storm of altered rules and new supervisory expectations? Are you reshaping your models to meet the new standards?
  • How are you harnessing new technologies?

Redefining default, revising historical datasets, introducing new data standards and implementing revised validation procedures are just some of the steps that need to be taken to avoid increases in RWA or reputational damage.

Over the course of two days, we will bring together international PwC experts, practitioners from the banking industry and supervisory bodies. Together we will gain insights in the current hot topics: IRB Modelling, Basel IV, AI and machine learning, and data-driven solutions for regulatory purposes. We will explore what IRB 2.0 will mean for the industry and where the EBA, ECB and Basel IV will take us next. We will also examine how to organise modern and cost-efficient model development and validation functions, and how latest technologies can help enhance profitability.



Please click on the link for additional event information and registration: www.pwc-events.com/credit-risk-modelling-conference

We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt am Main!