CRR III Channel News (2): Basel IV coming to Europe – Overview of the EU Banking Package 2021

Welcome to the CRR III News Channel! Global Basel IV Leader Martin Neisen is joined by German Basel IV Leader Stefan Röth to give an overview of the European Banking Package 2021 and the affected EU documents. Watch the interview at PwC CRR III Channel News where our Basel IV experts discuss

  • the main differences between Basel IV and CRR III, 
  • the EU implementation timeline and 
  • highlight the major changes within the CRR III regarding the capital requirements, new approaches and output floor.

They take a look at CRD VI and the most important topics, such as introducing ESG risk, treatment of third-country branches and the further harmonization of supervisory powers. German Basel IV Leader Stefan Röth also assesses the impacts of the EU Banking Package on German Banks.

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