CRR III Channel News (7): New Credit Risk Standardized Approach increases risk sensitivity

Welcome to the CRR III News Channel! Global Basel IV Leader Martin Neisen is joined by Basel IV Leader  Aude Payan and Basel IV expert Jean-Philippe Maes from Luxembourg. They highlight the most important changes in the EU Banking Package regarding the Credit Risk Standardized Approach.

The new CRR III Channel episode:

  • gives a general overview about how risk sensitivity will be increased in the Credit Risk Standardized Approach
  • explains how reliance on external ratings is be addressed in CRR III
  • describes the details of revised exposure classes, e.g. exposures to banks, specialized lending, real estate
  • analyses impacts and challenges of the revised Credit Risk Standardized Approach for the banking sector.


Join us for this episode and upcoming CRR III Channel News on the EU Banking Package 2021 – we look forward to welcoming you!

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