Next part of the Homeschooling series 2020: become an IRB expert with the IRB Homeschooling webinar 2020!

Due to the great success of our new webinar homeschooling format, we are now offering a new IRB Homeschooling webinar series!

In the recent years a number of new regulatory requirements brought significant challenges to the IRB risk parameter model development. In parallel to the changing of the regulatory setting, the ECB conducted a large number of on-site inspections (under the TRIM program) – where banks’ IRB models and parameters were subject to an intensive and rigorous scrutiny -, during which a relevant number of findings were identified across the euro zone.

Consequently, Banks had to plan and organize themselves to properly amend or redevelop their existing IRB PD, LGD and EAD models, based on the new modelling requirements, on enhanced data quality and governance expectations, and according to the new default definition. After proceeding with this IRB repair program, which shall continue in the upcoming years, IRB models will eventually evolve to a 2.0 version with much higher standards.

To reflect some of the key observations we have made on current or recent projects in-depth understanding of IRB dynamics, we would like to invite you to our IRB Homeschooling webinar series, which will be organised online from Monday, 12th October, to Tuesday, 3rd November 2020.

The event will feature nine intensive webinar sessions/modules. Each module is a standalone webinar, and you can choose which modules you would like to attend

Our international experts will be available throughout the webinar series to share their experience and answer your questions. We will share experiences from the completed IRB Repair programmes and give you ample evidence of the market practice related to the challenges of IRB 2.0 framework.

We look forward to seeing you!

Registration is possible under the following link:

You are looking for a more general approach to the Basel IV topics ?

The CRR II/CRR III (Basel IV) Academy 2020 webinar will give you  a comprehensive overview on all the relevant Basel IV changes and will help you to prepare for the upcoming challenges out of CRR II/CRR III and Basel IV. More information at:

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