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EBA Stress Test 2021: stress in stressful times

With the publication of the final methodology of the EU-wide stress test 2021 and the associated templates including draft guidelines, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has defined the methodological basis for the stress test in 2021. It is now up to the participating banks to understand the methodology, analyze the data requirements and identify possible gaps before the operational implementation of the stress test in January 2021.

EBA / ECB Stress Test 2021: postponed but not abandoned

After the bi-yearly EBA / ECB stress test was cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis at the beginning of 2020, it has now become finally clear that the exercise will be brought to an end in 2021. This has already been stated by the EBA on its homepage and was also included in the EBA’s 2021 work program. And also those banks that are part of the ECB’s rather than the EBA’s sample of participants have by now received the information that they are once again required to participate. Hence, it’s time to take again a closer look at the upcoming exercise and to get prepared for potential amendments due to the current economic and regulatory environment.

EBA / ECB banking stress test 2020: business as usual or will everything remain different?

In December 2018, the EBA announced that it would carry out the next European banking stress test in 2020. Thereby it remains true to its current rhythm of carrying out either a comprehensive stress test or a so-called transparency exercise every two years.

The 2018 stress test brought significant changes in the methodology for credit risk in order to adequately comply with the new accounting requirements under IFRS 9. But significant methodological changes can also be expected for 2020. This is because regulatory changes had to be taken into account in past stress tests if they had already been adopted and had entered into force during the time horizon of the stress test (cf. Text 22 of the EBA Methodology 2018).

EBA / EZB Bankenstresstest 2020: business as usual oder bleibt alles anders?

Im Dezember 2018 hat die EBA angekündigt, den nächsten europaweiten Bankenstresstest in 2020 durchzuführen. Damit bleibt sie ihrem bisherigen Rhythmus treu, alle zwei Jahre abwechselnd einen umfassenden Stresstest oder eine sog. Transparency Exercise durchzuführen.

Der 2018er Stresstest brachte deutliche Änderungen in der Methodik für das Kreditrisiko, um die neuen Bilanzierungsvorgaben gemäß IFRS 9 angemessen zu berücksichtigen. Aber auch für 2020 sind deutliche methodische Änderungen zu erwarten. Denn bereits in den zurückliegenden Stresstests waren regulatorische Neuerungen zu berücksichtigen, wenn sie bereits verabschiedet wurden und während des Zeithorizont des Stresstest in Kraft getreten sind (vgl. Text 22 der EBA Methodik 2018).

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