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IRB Loss Given Default Modelling: Risk Differentiation Function

A well-functioning Loss Given Default (LGD) model is expected to be present with all Advanced IRB banks as required by the Regulation (EU) No 575/2013, later referred to as CRR and subsequently by a set of regulatory papers released by the EBA and ECB.

EBA Guidelines on the PD estimation, the LGD estimation and the treatment of defaulted exposures (EBA/GL/2017/16) further referred as “GL on PD&LGD estimation” distinguishes two steps in the development of the LGD framework:

  1. Model development in LGD estimation as per section 6.2 (which is commonly known as the Risk Differentiation Function)
  2. LGD calibration as per section 6.3

In this article, we will be focusing solemnly on the first step; thus, it will be mainly concerned with how to differentiate obligors/facilities in terms of their relative risk, measured in LGD. The second step (LGD calibration), we will address as a topic with a separate blog post.

The Margin of Conservatism (MoC) Framework

Since the publication of Basel II in 2004, and its first application in 2007-2008, banks have been considering the so-called margin of conservatism (MoC) in the estimation of the risk parameters: Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD), and Credit Conversion Factor (CCF). However, there have been no concrete technical guidance about the technical implementation until the European Banking Authority (EBA) published guidelines (GLs) on PD estimation, LGD estimation and the treatment of defaulted exposures in November 2017.

Basel IV-Channel – Episode 29 Special Edition: LGD 2.0

Our latest Basel IV Channel episode deals with credit risk, more specifically the IRB approach. Looking at the IRB Approach, not only the proposals of the Basel Committee must be considered, but also those of other institutions such as European Banking Authority (EBA) and European Central Bank (ECB). The risk parameters estimation is one of the challenges for banks.

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