The ICAAP & ILAAP Poster – now also available in English language

In late 2018 we have published our well-known ICAAP & ILAAP poster, which is summarizing the most important aspects of the ECB’s seven principles of the ICAAP and the ILAAP.

This compact and comprehensive overview was extremely well perceived and consequently was forwarded to more than one hundred institutions as well as national and international supervisory authorities. In addition to requests from German banks we also received many inquiries from recipients in other European countries. For this reason, we have decided to publish the ICAAP & ILAAP poster also in an English version:






You can now order a copy of the poster free of charge by sending an e-mail to Isabel Schmid at or to one of the contacts listed below.

Do you have any further questions regarding the interpretation or implementation of the regulatory requirements related to the ICAAP or the ILAAP? Please feel free to contact us!

WP StB Michael Maifarth

Telefon    +49 69 9585 2318

Mobil       +49 170 786 5727

WP Dieter Lienland

Telefon    +49 211 981 4929

Mobil       +49 171 553 2631

Alexander Kottmann

Telefon    +49 30 2636 5018

Mobil       +49 170 473 8250

Nam Pham

Telefon    +49 211 981 4173

Mobil       +49 170 730 2362


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