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17 September 2021: PwC EMEA Sustainable Finance Online Conference 2021

Climate protection and sustainability have never been as relevant or as far-reaching as they are today. This can be seen in politics, in the workplace, and in our private lives – from the supermarket checkout to choosing a holiday destination.

Policymakers have identified the financial services industry as a key driver of the economic changes necessary for a sustainable revolution – but sustainable finance is not just a regulatory issue. It is all-encompassing for every financial institution, and it’s not just limited to the environment and climate. So how can you demonstrate sustainability? Which regulations apply? And what contribution can companies make to preserving a liveable world?

To discuss these issues and many more, we would like to invite you to the PwC EMEA Sustainable Finance Online Conference 2021, which will be held online on Friday 17 September 2021. We’re aiming to shed new light on sustainable finance at this event – not only on current challenges, but also on opportunities and potential solutions. We’ll be bringing together key decision-makers from the financial services industry, giving you the opportunity to engage in conversation and share news and insights.

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