Tax & Legal News – Issue 7, November 2016

In this issue: PwC Reports, Official ponouncements, Supreme Tax Court Cases and From Europe

PwC Reports Arbitration Committee agrees on Inheritance and Gift Tax Reform: Key Points

Packet of measures against profit reduction and profit shifting

Tax administration stresses the need for an effective Tax Compliance System

Federal Ministry of Finance publishes draft bill to combat tax avoidance

Official Pronouncements Schematic loan and return of securities

Supreme Tax Court Tax neutral repayment of capital contributions by companies tax resident outside the EU

Impact of tax treaty definitions on domestic law

Deadline for the filing of an application for recording at tax book values

From Europe No automatic VAT liability solely because of missing VAT ID No

Supply of blood plasma to manufacturers of medicinal products not VAT exempt

Formal invoicing errors may be corrected retroactively

German exclusion from withholding tax relief in conflict with EU law?



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