New EU rules on the mutual recognition of goods lawfully marketed in another Member State

On 19 April 2020 simplified rules entered into force for the mutual recognition of goods in the European internal market that will enable companies to sell their products more easily throughout the EU.

Under the new regulation on the mutual recognition of goods, companies can submit a voluntary "mutual recognition declaration" to prove to competent national authorities that their products are lawfully marketed in another Member State. If companies are denied or restricted market access for their products, they can contest such decisions in a non-bureaucratic way through SOLVIT, the European Commission's network for such problems. In addition, Product Contact Points in each Member State provide online information on national technical rules.

In principle, products for which there are no EU-wide rules can be sold freely within the Internal Market. However, there have often been obstacles to the free movement of goods. For example, companies wishing to sell shoes, tableware or furniture in another Member State were often faced with delays and additional costs. The new rules aim to remove these obstacles.


Regulation (EU) 2019/515 of the European Psarliament and of the Council

of 19 March 2019

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