CRR III Academy 2023 training

8 and 9 February 2023

The 2021 EU banking package, comprising CRR III and CRD VI, is set to implement Basel IV and finalise Basel III. It will therefore play a key role in the post-2025 regulatory framework for European banks. The most important changes implemented by the package are around calculating credit, market, CVA and operational risks:

  • EU-specific calibration for credit risk will create new exposure classes and new requirements for weighting risk.
  • Current methods for calculating CVA risk will be thoroughly overhauled and brought into line with the new requirements around market risk.
  • The new FRTB standardised approach and the new boundary between the banking book and the trading book will mean new standards for calculating market risk capital requirements.
  • To eliminate the weaknesses of current methods for calculating operational risk, these methods are set to be replaced by a single, non-model-based method.
  • The hotly discussed output floor – a method intended to place a lower limit on the capital requirements that banks calculate when using internal models – is now set to be introduced in stages, which will be a complex process with many temporary regulations during the transition period.

All of these changes are set to have considerable effects on risk-weighted assets, and they will be costly and complex to implement. The new banking package also includes new, standardised definitions around ESG risks, along with new rules around cryptocurrencies. Finally, the many updated and increased reporting requirements in the package will also create new challenges.

Banks will need to launch major transformation projects to implement the package, which will require detailed, in-depth knowledge of all relevant standards, mechanisms and methods. And this is where our seminar comes in: our risk and regulation experts will be on hand to shed light on all the new requirements around the new standardised approach to credit risk, IRBA, the output floor, operational risk, market risk, CVA, reporting, ESG, back-office work and restructuring.

Alongside input from our experts, you’ll be able to examine some practical case studies and discuss the issues with other attendees, giving you comprehensive and comprehensible insights. We’ll also be covering the effects of the upcoming changes on various business models, and we’ll show you how best to manage your capital when implementing the new rules.

Charges apply for this event. To register for this event and for more information, please follow the link:

We look forward to seeing you!

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    Martin Neisen

    Global Basel IV/CRR Ill Leader
    PwC GmbH WPG

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