Risk and Regulation Channel News: SREP 2023 results and SSM priorities 2024 - 2026 deep dive: Third-Party Risk Management & DORA

Part 4: Martin Neisen and Moira Cronin take a deeper look into the challenges of third-party risk management within DORA

Our experts take a closer look at the requirements for third-party risk management within the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). 

What is third-party risk management within DORA? 

What are the requirements the bank have to fulfil in order to comply with DORA? 

What is the implementation timeline for third-party risk management requirements?

 How should banks start to face these challenges and how could PwC support our clients? 

ECB SREP 2023 Results_Martin und Moira_Part 4.png [id=236888]

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