Risk and Regulatory Breaking News: Trilogue on Banking Package finalised!

The Basel IV initiative of PwC is ready to support our clients in the biggest risk and regulatory challenge for the next two years!

Right in time before the summer holidays Basel IV speeds up. After several years of delay, in several jurisdictions we see drafts and sometimes even final proposals on how Basel IV will be implemented at national level. It does not matter what you call it: Basel IV, Basel III Endgame, Basel 3.1 or simply the finalisation of Basel III. What is important, is that the implementation is going to be a huge challenge for the banking industry worldwide. PwC has supported our clients for several years in the preparation for Basel IV and we used the summer month to upskill the whole global PwC Basel IV network, as shown in the video. With our experience, tools, project approaches, technical expertise, business blueprints and experts on all areas of Basel IV, WE are ready to support our clients. As the deadline for implementation comes closer in many jurisdictions, it is right now the best time to start your Basel IV journey. Please reach out to your local PwC Basel IV experts. Contacts can be found at the end of the video!

Get ongoing updates on the topic via regulatory horizon scanning in our research application, PwC Plus. Read more about the opportunities and offerings here.

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