Rethinking and redesigning products and services for the Circular Economy

Circular Economy Webcast on the 25th of September 2023 3-4PM

What is the benefit of a repairable product, if it never actually gets repaired?

Successfully re-designing and delivering products and services to move away from the linear economy and toward a circular economy requires business to intentionally, strategically connect the production and use cycles of that product.

Join our webcast session to dive into PwC´s Circular Economy approach in a hands-on manner, including a real-world case study with a focus on EV-batteries.

Why Circular? In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the adoption of circular principles has become imperative for companies striving to meet sustainability targets. Products, services, and business models that embrace a circular economy are vital for companies aiming to align with sustainability goals, such as achieving net-zero emissions, reducing waste, or addressing water stress. Moreover, as businesses prepare to navigate upcoming regulations, the circular economy not only ensures compliance but also promises benefits such as resource conservation, reduced supply chain risk, and enhanced market resilience.

Register Now: The webcast is tailor-made for business practitioners and leaders eager to explore the design of products and services aligned with circular economy principles. Discover how circularity provides a competitive edge, integrates seamlessly into service ecosystems, and resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers.

PwC’s Circular Economy framework and approach: Our framework is designed to provide an overview of all the various circular strategies leading to new business opportunities, while strategically connecting the production and usage cycles of your products. Through our insights, you will uncover how decisions concerning material input and product design choices reverberate throughout your service offerings. Moreover, we will demonstrate how stakeholder interactions play a pivotal role in facilitating circular flows within your business model.

Our webcast features a distinguished panel, including PwC's circularity experts and industry leaders. Gain invaluable insights from their experiences and perspectives, and receive practical guidance on integrating circular economy principles into your organization's operations. The session also includes an in-depth case study on closing the loop for batteries, providing a tangible example of circularity in action. We encourage active participation, offering ample opportunities for questions and engagement.

Join us on September 25, 2023, for PwC's Circular Economy Webcast to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to embark on this transformative journey. Register today to learn from industry leaders, gain practical insights, and contribute to a more sustainable and circular future.

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