Scaling circular business models in electronics

Circular Economy Webcast on the 22nd of February 2024, 11AM

What do you do with your mobile phone when it no longer works? Do you throw it away? Return it to the dealer? Repair it yourself?  

Over 20 million tons of electronic devices are produced annually worldwide. They are used daily and will eventually break down. All of them consist of valuable materials worth preserving. The recycling potential is particularly high in this sector. This also offers many opportunities for companies manufacturing electronic devices to preserve value and conserve resources. 

Join our webcast session to gain insights into the possibilities of the Circular Economy in the electronics industry, illustrated by practical examples.

Why Circular Economy in Electronics sector? As outlined in our previous blog post, the electronics industry deals with ecological and economic challenges due to the prevailing linear business model. Accounting for 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions GHG and generating 61.3 million tons of electronic waste in 2023 alone, there is an urgent need for change. The adoption of circular business models, particularly through Circular Material Input, Remanufacturing, and Product-as-a-Service, not only addresses environmental impacts and resource scarcity but also promises significant cost savings and a minimum 10 percent reduction in GHG. This transformation enhances the sustainability and resilience of the electronics industry.  

Our webcast offers a comprehensive exploration of challenges and opportunities in implementing circular business models within the electronics sector. Attendees gain insights into business models like circular material input, remanufacturing, and Product-as-a-Service (PaaS), showcasing their efficacy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs, as evidenced by PwC's 2023 study. The webcast is tailor-made for companies aiming to know more about the potential of circular economy in the electronics sector, seeking industry insights, practical knowledge on and success factors of circular economy implementation, and those interested in the specifics of a real-world case study about the impacts of "Reverse Logistics>”.  

Join us on February 22, 2024, for PwC - Performance with Circular – Webcast 05 to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to embark on this transformative journey. Register today to learn from industry leaders, gain practical insights, and contribute to a more sustainable and circular future. Register now!  

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