About this Blog

PwC Plus is a research platform not only for financial service providers with a focus on accounting, regulation, risk management and compliance. What is special about PwC Plus is that the platform is not only available to our customers and other interested parties from business and academia, but also serves our employees for daily professional research.

The PwC Plus blog is a product blog that both explains the platform and its functions and also repeatedly refers to content highlights from the PwC Plus knowledgebase. Potentially interested parties can thus get a more detailed picture of what we have to offer, and those who already have a subscription can get tips and tricks for optimized use.

You can read in detail which services PwC Plus offers, which are free of charge and which are subject to a charge in PwC Plus under "Services & Offerings". If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or the Knowledge Transfer Team.