About this Blog

In this blog, we would like to provide you with an overview of what we consider to be the relevant innovations and decisions at national and international level on the subject of compliance in the financial services industry.

The focus is on the classic topics of securities compliance, money laundering and other criminal acts (fraud). The innovations in the core areas of compliance, such as MiFID II or the fourth EU Money Laundering Directive, already offer sufficient challenges for successful implementation. In addition, against the backdrop of international developments and their implementation in MaRisk, the central question arises as to how broadly the concept of compliance will be defined and what requirements a powerful compliance function will have to fulfill in the future.

The blog is aimed at employees of financial service providers who deal with compliance regulations and their further development on a daily basis and are responsible for implementation in banks and at financial service providers, but also at all other interested parties who see compliance as an exciting topic, want to stay informed and, above all, have their say. For more in-depth research on the above-mentioned topics, we also offer our extranet PwC Plus, where the relevant specialist information can be categorized, indexed and cross-referenced from a single source.