About this Blog

The real estate industry is constantly exposed to new challenges and a permanently changing market environment. Identifying current market trends in good time, reacting to changes in tax law at an early stage, mastering the challenges of the KAGB/AIFMD, actively influencing changes in IFRS - all this is only possible with up-to-date information. However, up-to-dateness alone is often not enough; rather, the cross-thematic analysis of changes is required in order to fully grasp their holistic impact.

With this blog, we would like to offer you a platform that informs you about the diverse and often interlocking topics related to real estate but also to other so-called "alternative investments". We have an interdisciplinary approach and include both national and international topics in our monitoring. We hope that this blog will also provide you with a communication platform and are looking forward to your comments and remarks on the topics of this blog.

If you would also like to access "knowledge at a click", we would like to refer you to the research application PwC Plus.

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